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Fashion column:

Not just for prostitutes and pantos: Why I’ll be wearing thigh high boots at every chance.

I’m not a prostitute and I don’t intend on treading the boards anytime soon but I WILL be donning some slightly extra and very showy thigh high boots as much as I can this season.

With the likes of Balenciaga’s metallic silver ones, Yeezy’s see-through ones and Vetements’ extra long ones it’s hard to resist strutting out  with my best foot forward.

Thigh high boots have been around for as long as I can remember but they were only meant for thigh slapping, cross dressing, pantomime characters and call girls called Vivienne. Who said they should only be worn in the evening down a dark alley with a condom popping out the top? They are not just for prostitutes and pantos!

Fashion is about expressing who you are and making yourself feel a million dollars. Whether I’m wearing some flat black thigh highs or some bright blue velour ones (yes I actually own some) there’s something about these boots that make me walk with my head held high. I feel powerful, strong and like I could stomp on anyone who’s getting in my way. I  feel sexy and empowered. Almost like the boots and I are keeping a secret from the rest of the world.

Anytime I wear an eccentric pair of thigh highs I only ever get compliments from the ladies and childish remarks from the so called gentlemen.  I wonder why that is? Is there something about the leather being a little bit higher that a normal boot that gets their pulses racing so much that they just have to tell me what’s going on in their pants? FYI gentlemen, wearing thigh high boots does not make me your pretty woman! 

Now the ladies, they have a completely different view. I feel like thigh highs are the only piece of item that all women respect and love regardless of if they’d wear them themselves.  When a women comments on my boot choice it’s for one of two reasons. To either ask where they’re from or to high five me for being brave enough to wear them. Thank you drunk bathroom ladies for supporting my statement.

I wholeheartedly believe every women needs to own at least one pair of thigh highs even if it’s to feed her alter ego. Put some lipstick on, zip up your boots and thank me later for making you feel like superwomen.


Gig Review:

Tom Grennan, Shepherds Bush Empire

The singer from Bedford played Shepherds Bush Empire on the last stretch of his sold out UK tour. With a queue of loyal fans waiting outside the stage door well before the gig started, he didn’t disappoint.

The 14 song set was full of humble energy and the gratitude radiated off him. Kicking off with probably his most well known song, ‘Royal Highness’, Grennan got the crowd dancing and singing along from the get go. Other favourites were ‘All Goes Wrong’ and his new single ‘Sober’. With a good balance of acoustic and up beat songs the set kept you engaged throughout without that usual ‘I’ll go to the toilet during this song’ dilemma.

The crowd was a mix match bunch. Kids with their trying-to-look-bored parents, young tweens screaming at the front, indie looking lads, hipsters, rockers and Essex girls packed out the standing area with his proud family and friends in the balconies. Tom’s dad got a birthday shout out during ‘Praying’ and you saw a glimpse of what must have been a very special moment for them both.

Having found his success in just over a year Grennan is sure to be the next big thing. With his debut album out in July, it will be no surprise when it shoots to number one. He’s already got a huge fan base and has branched out into other genres by doing collaboration’s with the likes of Chase & Status and Bugsy Malone.

His soulful, raspy vocals are full of emotion with a hint of pain. The type of sound that makes women- and some men- go weak. He clearly has vocal control and technique though and his range shows that.

He’s the type of guy that you want to succeed and he is heading in the right direction. The UK charts could do with a new main man that isn’t someone who’s just left One Direction or won The X Factor.

With a mixture of pop/indie/alternative vibes he appeals to the masses and Sony Entertainment must be excited for his future. A singer/songwriter with floppy hair, who’s stylish and good looking in a rough working class type of way. Grennan has fallen straight out of the superstar making factory and straight in to the one to watch list.


Theatre Review:

Mountains, The Dreams of Lily Kwok

Based on the memoir Sweet Mandarin by Helen Tse; Mountains, The Dreams of Lily Kwok follows Helen (played by Siu-See Hung) as she searches to find the piece of her story that is missing. Set in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, she meets her Grandmother, Lily Kwok (Tina Chaing) and together they delve into her past revealing the family secrets Helen’s been longing for.

The backdrop of Chinese symbols in neon lights, bamboo signs and a huge triangle to represent the mountains doesn’t change throughout. With a mixture of simple props, authentic costume, physical theatre, puppetry and actual cooking on stage, you are transported backwards and forwards in time with no confusion.

The seven person cast form Yellow Earth Theatre Company bring humour and wit to some tough historic story lines all the while showing great care when dealing with the more emotional memories of Lily.

Hung and Chaing deliver stand out performances. The chemistry they have is undeniable and it’s wonderful to be able to follow the real-life characters through such a personal journey. It’s almost as if you’re spying on them.

Ruth Gibson’s portrayal of Mrs Woodman; the rich, white boss of a young Lily is excellent. Her attention to detail is incredible and her mannerisms and comic timing are faultless.

Throughout the whole second act their is an aroma of garlic, soy and ginger from the cooking. Paired with the subtle and beautiful music composed by Ruth Chan, for a moment you really are in Hong Kong.

As well as a beautifully tragic story, this play also tells a part of east Asian history that not many would know. As the play comes to an end and brings you back to modern day you are left wanting to know more AND craving Asian food. Not only is this play highly recommend, eating beforehand is too.

News Feature:

Standing Tall for Women’s Rights

There’s been another step in the right direction for girl power as the first EVER female statue in Parliament Square was unveiled. Millicent Fawcett was a writer, political leader and feminist who worked tirelessly campaigning to get women the right to vote.

She now stands proudly among the other eleven male statues that include Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. The statue comes two years after the campaign for a female statue was started by Caroline Criado Perez, a feminist activist who managed to get 85,000 signatures on her petition. Perez is the same lady that campaigned for Jane Austin’s picture to be on the new ten pound note. Check your notes! She was successful with that too!

The ceremony took place on Tuesday 24th April  2018 and both the Prime Minister, Theresa May and Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan made speeches.

Khan said: “When you think of the great people in Parliament Square and when you realise that not one of them is a woman, it sort of begs the question, are we saying there haven’t been incredible women in the past? That our country hasn’t been built on the back of great women?”

Ann Lathlane, 36, was there with her one year old daughter, Jessica, to watch the big reveal.

“I know Jessica won’t remember being here but one day I’ll be able to tell her that she was at the ceremony. I think it’s so important to encourage and support occasions like this.”

Victoria Tooley, 26,  an English Literature student, took the morning off uni to be at the ceremony. As a self- proclaimed feminist she was extremely excited and inspired to be there.

Among the crowd were politicians, school girls, parents and hundreds of press. 2018 also saw the country celebrate 100 years since women got the right to vote. It has been a great year for women’s rights and everyone is routing for the next generation of activists and feminists, to carry on the legacy that women like Millicent Fawcett continued with her suffragist members all those years ago.







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